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Kunj Froging, Export House & Manufacturing Units
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Kunj Forgings Prodcut Range Fact File
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Taking Initiative International : Global Business
Kunj forgings journey towards becoming an International player started in 1991. Today in a span of almost three decades, Kunj has won customers across the globe & has created a name for KF brand.
The Kunj forgings product portfolio has also witnessed a systematic approach towards building and creating value in the products to develop competitive advantages.
Kunj global operations are spreaded in Netherland, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA, South Africa, South Korea & other parts of world & we deal directly with them with conditions for delivery as CIF, DDU or DDP in full/ loose container louds.
Committed to Enviroment
Kunj Forging is committed to set International standards in environment conservation in order to full fill its responsibility as a good corporate citizen.
The company is dedicated to a clean, green, hygienic environment and is committed to conserving and preserving natural resources.
It works towards preventing pollution by maximising recycling, minimizing waste, reducing discharge and emissions and effectively using waste treatment plants.
The company has invested in Effluent Treatment Plants and Water Treatment Plants, Which make sure that the environment remains free of any pollutants.